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Trademarking at a fixed rate

Trademarking your brand is an important investment in your company’s success and value. Not trademarking your brands can cost you a lot of money. So, to avoid that, our experts are here to advise you and trademark your brands for you. Professionally and simply. Thanks to our service packages, you will know how much you are investing.

Straightforward trademarking

Your brand is essential to your company’s recognition value, and therefore to its success. However, there is lots to consider when trademarking your brand. Our experts do the work for you to ensure a quick and straightforward process: we deal with your trademark registration, so you can focus on your company’s success.

First-rate, secure trademarking

Registering your trademark in Switzerland and abroad is only one of the services we offer.We consult you on how to ensure that your brand is fulfilling your strategic requirements, to guarantee your business’ success. Furthermore, our exclusive insurance products protect your brand and your budget. Contact us to find out how we can support you.


A trademark designates something special. Because trademarks are unique. And a trademark is a promise: it stands for the quality, value and experience which distinguish your company. Your uniqueness is crucial to the success of your organisation, products and work. Your trademarked brand allows your clients to recognise you instantly and to know straight away what to expect. Which is why a trademark lays the foundation for long-lasting success. Creating a brand and a trademark must therefore be one of the main goals of companies aiming to be successful for years to come

The more time and money to invest in your brands, the more valuable they become. So, protect your brands’ value today, for the future. A trademark is an investment in your company’s future. You can find more stories about success and failures involving trademarked and non-trademarked brands on our BLOG or in our audiobook “Rockt Ihre Marke Ihr Business?“

Process: what is required to trademark a brand?

Your trademark must first be registered in Switzerland for us to extend it to other countries. If that is not the case, you will find everything you need to know here.
To advise you and trademark your brand for you, we just need:

  • Images of the design which you plan to trademark.
    Product description (if not clearly visible from the images)
  • The designer’s name and place of residence
  • The trademark applicant’s name and address (company/individual(s)/association)

The following services are included in our offer’s fixed price:


Trademark research

We examine international trademark registers to see if your trademark has any potentially problematic similarities exist with existing trademarks.

Expert evaluation & consultation on the research results

We discuss the results of the Trademark research with you and advise you on solutions in the event of Trademark conflicts.


International trademark scope & translation

We provide translations of the trademark’s scope and adjustments required for international registers.

Trademark registration

We register the trademark with the international authority (WIPO) and handle any and all administrative formalities during the registration process
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The WIPO’s (World Intellectual Property Organization) basic registration fee, as well as the administrative fees for the respective countries, are included in our fixed price, for the 10-year duration of the trademark.


Requirements to extend a trademark registered in Switzerland to other countries..


CHF 3'973 incl. admin. fees for 10 years
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland


CHF 4'173 incl. admin. fees for 10 years
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein


CHF 4'987 incl. admin. fees for 10 years
  • Switzerland, EU


CHF 5'711 incl. admin. fees for 10 years
  • Switzerland, EU

About this package

Our “PRO” package for trademarking in Switzerland (CHF 1957) is included in this offer. The following administrative fees are also included in the price, for the 10-year duration of the trademark.

  • G/S/A and G/S/A/LI (Lichtenstein): 3 trademark categories
  • EU und S/EU: 1 trademark category for the EU, 3 trademark categories for Switzerland
  • EU, CH/EU und CH/EU/UK: 1 trademark category for the EU and UK, 3 trademark categories Switzerland

If you require further trademark categories to protect your brand, you will incur additional costs. We will make you a special offer on these costs as appropriate.

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Wir sind WIR-Partner. Gerne können Sie unsere Dienstleistungen mit 100% CHW bezahlen. Fremdkosten wie die amtlichen Gebühren werden jeweils in CHF in Rechnung gestellt. Dies gilt auch für unsere Pauschalpakete.

Packages + other countries

You can also extend your trademark to further countries on top of those included in our packages. This extra investment starts at CHF 497 (+VAT) per country. Request a custom offer for your target countries today.

Trademarking in individual countries

You can extent your Swiss trademark to one or more countries of your choice. The price to extend your trademark starts at CHF 1953 (+VAT) and includes the international trademarking authority’s administrative fees for the trademark’s 10-year duration. Enquire about an offer for your target countries today.

No registered trademark in Switzerland?

Your trademark must first be registered in Switzerland for us to extend it to other countries. If that is not the case, you will find everything you need to know here.

BOOK TRADEMARKING IN SWITZERLAND NOW You hereby place the order for the protection of your trademark.
You can select the desired all-inclusive package in the order process.

Our happy customers

“Thank you so much for professionally handling this project, which would otherwise have been very complex for us.”
Johannes Hartmann
“My brand idea wasn’t as simple as I had first thought, but thanks to’s explanations and advice, it was easy to see what I needed to do next. I was very impressed with their competent, solution-oriented consulting.”
Roland Wey
Kalkbreite Optik, Zürich

Who are we?

“Protect what makes you unique, easily and effectively” is our vision, which we work towards every day. Because we believe that everyone has the right to protect their unique ideas. A brand name or a design are key elements of a unique business idea. We are passionately committed to advising our clients and laying the foundation for the successful expansion of their business by effectively trademarking their brands.