Protect what makes you unique, easily and effectively

Trademarking at a fixed rate

Trademarking your brand is an important investment in your company’s success and value. Not trademarking your brands can cost you a lot of money. So, to avoid that, our experts are here to advise you and trademark your brands for you. Professionally and simply. Thanks to our service packages, you will know how much you are investing.

Straightforward trademarking

Your brand is essential to your company’s recognition value, and therefore to its success. However, there is lots to consider when trademarking your brand. Our experts do the work for you to ensure a quick and straightforward process: we deal with your trademark registration, so you can focus on your company’s success.

First-rate, secure trademarking

Registering your trademark in Switzerland and abroad is only one of the services we offer.We consult you on how to ensure that your brand is fulfilling your strategic requirements, to guarantee your business’ success. Furthermore, our exclusive insurance products protect your brand and your budget. Contact us to find out how we can support you.


You will require less time and money to intervene in the event of a violation of your trademark.

Active monitoring required

As a trademark owner, it is up to you to monitor that your Trademark rights are not infringed upon. Our trademark monitoring service takes care of that for you. We continually check the relevant Swiss and international trademark registers for your brand for new trademark registrations which may infringe upon your trademark’s rights. This way, we ensure that we can intervene on time and as needed.

Defend your trademark – quick reactions save you money

You have the possibility to file an objection against any new trademark during the 3 months following its registration. The objection proceedings are then directly carried out by the trademark protection office. After the 3-month period, objections to another trademark’s registration must be dealt with by a court of law. These court proceedings are significantly more expensive than proceedings handled by the trademark protection office, which is why it is worth intervening within the 3-month period. A quick reaction also helps to remove the competing trademark from the market as quickly as possible, reducing any potential damage to your image or turnover.


  • Monitoring your trademark for infringement by any newly registered trademarks (identical or similar)
  • Expert assessment of the trademark monitoring results
  • An active alert system for when we recommend an intervention to protect your trademark
  • Custom consulting on how to best defend your trademark


We will be delighted to make you a custom offer for your trademarks.

Our happy customers

“Thank you so much for professionally handling this project, which would otherwise have been very complex for us.”
Johannes Hartmann
“My brand idea wasn’t as simple as I had first thought, but thanks to’s explanations and advice, it was easy to see what I needed to do next. I was very impressed with their competent, solution-oriented consulting.”
Roland Wey
Kalkbreite Optik, Zürich

Who are we?

“Protect what makes you unique, easily and effectively” is our vision, which we work towards every day. Because we believe that everyone has the right to protect their unique ideas. A brand name or a design are key elements of a unique business idea. We are passionately committed to advising our clients and laying the foundation for the successful expansion of their business by effectively trademarking their brands.