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Francois Cochard: Geschäftsführer bei

François Cochard – The trademark mentor

Trademark mentor & business development and management coach
François Cochard gained lots of brand management experience whilst working at American Express, which he then applied to his very successful music business career. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully created and developed several brands across different business sectors. Today, he shares his brand and business development expertise with the SMEs and cultural project leaders he coaches. His bigger-picture mindset and extensive experience allows him to offer comprehensive trademarking advice to our clients that goes beyond simple brand protection.

Marco Neeser

Trademarking expert & lawyer
Marco Neeser acquired his attorney’s licence in 2001 and also attained his PhD from the University of Zurich’s faculty of law. He is a member of the Zurich and the Swiss Bar Associations. After spending several years as a partner at a law firm with a focus on intellectual property, in 2008 he founded his own firm and built up an international network of attorneys (IP-INTELLIGENCE), where IP of course stands for Intellectual Property. The network’s lawyers advise national and international industry, service and distribution companies, as well as private individuals, on contract law and intellectual property, in particular in the following legal fields: Trademark law, copyright law, licensing law, ecommerce/business models related to new technologies, software contracts, patent law, founding new companies, start-up consulting.
Virginia Chamot: Spezialistin Markenschutz bei

Virginia Chamot

Trademarking expert
Virginia Chamot is an expert with comprehensive experience in all things related to branding. As a former trademark examiner at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, she knows the legal requirements for successful trademark registration in Switzerland. She also has a great deal of international trademarking experience. She worked in communications for FIFA, where she specialised in intellectual property and was responsible for developing stronger brands. Today, she applies her extensive experience, as well as her knowledge from her Communications degree from Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration, to competently advise her clients on how to create strong and successful brands and protect them nationally and internationally.
Lea Kaufmann: Spezialistin Markenschutz bei

Lea Kaufmann

Trademarking expert
Lea Kaufmann worked for the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property for 10 years as a trademark examiner and expert for guarantee and collective marks. Thanks to her many years of experience, she knows the requirements to register a trademark. She also studied Philosophy and Linguistics and has a master’s degree in Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy from the University of Bern. She applies her linguistic and trademarking expertise, as well as her holistic, big-picture mindset, every day when advising her clients.

Daniela Jovanovic

Trademarking expert
Daniela Jovanovic is a trademarking expert. As a former trademark examiner at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, she was responsible for deciding which brands met the legal requirements to be trademarked. Her practical experience is completed by her significant theoretical expertise: she became interested in trademarks as a student of Business Administration at the University of Bern. Her fascination led her to specialise in trademarking and for academic studies she examined, among other things, what makes for a strong brand and how this contributes to a company’s success and value. Today, she applies her broad expertise to competently and comprehensively advise companies on their trademarking strategy.

Diana Gies

Marketing & Administration

Cloe Keller


Cloe Keller is currently completing an internship with us as part of her Media and Communications degree at the University of Freiburg. She helps out the trademark registration team with both admin and marketing.

Nadine Cochard

Administration & Finance